Grounds Maintenance Services
for Derby & Burton on Trent 

Covering grounds maintenance in Burton on Trent and Derby

Grass cutting and renovation work is what’s required to ensure grounds are kept to the highest standards. As experts in fine turf we will visit your site to establish what work is required to bring your ground back to their very best condition.

GPH maintain grounds in Burton on Trent, Derby and all surrounding areas.

We work with throughout the wider Burton on Trent & Derby areas, ensuring grounds are not only maintained to a high standard, but continuously improved whilst also being well presented.

If you have areas that have become overgrown we also provide a long grass cutting service.

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Grass Cutting Service Burton on Trent
Our large area gang mowers are kept sharp to ensure the grass blades are cut clean to keep the grass strong and healthy

All natural grounds get compacted over time due to foot traffic and heavy mowing equipment. It is therefore important to aerate the soil at least once a year to help with water drainage, air flow and to allow grass roots to grow deeper into the ground.

Chain Harrowing
Chain harrowing is an essential part of keeping grass strong and healthy. Harrowing removes thatch which reduces disease by exposing bacteria to sunlight and lifts the grass blades and also levels mole hills and worm casts.

All grass on pitches and grounds get damaged over time due to foot traffic. As part of an annual maintenance program it is recommended that grass seed is spread over the surface to ensure that the grounds are kept looking lush and healthy. This is carried out in the spring or autumn and is performed after aeration and harrowing.

Grounds Maintenance for grounds

Grass cutting and renovation work is what is required to ensure grounds are kept to the highest standard.

Vegetation Management

Grass and vegetation can become very unsightly if left uncut for a long period of time. Once it gets too long and thick regular mowers can no longer cope with it.

Burton on Trent Gritting / Snow Clearing

Throughout the winter months we are able to provide a gritting and snow clearing service to Schools and Businesses throughout Burton on Trent.

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