Flail mowers

Groundcare plant hire specialise in the use of flail mowers for the maintenance of everything from long grass to brambles, shrubbery and hedgerows. If you have an over-grown outdoor space then we have a machine to help.

What is a flail mower?:

Flail mowers are garden/agricultural machines designed to cut the heaviest grass and vegetation that regular mowers could not cope with. The blades (flails) are attached to a horizontal drum which spins at high speed to cut the material. That cut material is then held under the mower for a longer time which allows it to be further shredded and then the fine clippings are evenly distributed from under the mower. These mowers are build to deal with the most demanding outdoor environments.

Flail mowers can be used with both ‘hammer’ or ‘Y’ blades depending on the task. Hammer blades are more heavy duty and normally used to cut heavier material like tree saplings, hedges and dense vegetation. Y blades are ideal for cutting lighter material like weeds or short grass.

Benefit of using a flail mower?:

  • The most versatile mowers available with the ability to cut anything from grass to small branches and hedges.
  • As the flails are attached to a hinge if it hits a solid object (for example a brick) it simply bounces
  • off therefore not damaging the flails.
  • Flail mowers can cut both long and short grass leaving a nice finish even on playing fields.
  • Due to their design flying debris is kept to a minimum so ideal for areas around buildings.
  • Different flails can be attached depending on the job.
  • Blades can be swapped depending on the job.
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Our Flail mowers:

Teagle 6 foot heavy duty with hammer or Y flails:

This machine is ideal for larger areas as it is powered by a 45hp tractor. It can cut long grass and

shrubbery but can also leave an excellent finish on shorter grass.

Areas it is used:

  • Paddocks
  • Over-grown fields and land
  • Road side verges
  • Commercial properties

Agrimaster side arm with hammer flails. (1 meter flail with a 4.5 meter reach):

The side arm is powered by a 45 hp tractor. It can cut hedgerows, grass and shrubbery.

Areas it is used:

  • Farms and Paddocks

  • Commercial properties
  • Road side verges
  • Grass cutting in ditches and on steep banks

Bonford Turner Pedestrian 22 inch with hammer or Y flails:

This is a walk behind machine that is ideal for getting into smaller areas that the tractor cannot reach.

Areas it is used:

  • Over-grown residential properties and gardens
  • Road side verges
  • Steep banks
  • Industrial estates
  • Small holdings and paddocks
  • Right of way pathways

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