Grounds Maintenance

Groundcare Plant Hire specialise in the maintenance of natural grass surfaces throughout Staffordshire.

Our background in green keeping means we are leading experts in grounds and amenity turf care.

Who we work with:

  • Office parks
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Parks
  • Council Work
  • Parish Councils

Our services for grounds maintenance include:

  • Mowing

  • Slitting/Quadraplay
  • Verti Draining/Aeration
  • Over-Seeding
  • Weed Control
  • Fertiliser Programmes
  • Scarification


Recommended: March-October.

We have made a large investment in mowers as we believe this is a crucial part of keeping the surface healthy. Our tractor mounted and pedestrian mowers are designed to create the perfect finish.

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slitter 800px


Recommended: November-February.

Slitting is an important aspect in all grounds turf maintenance programmes and the most frequently used aeration treatment. The deep tines penetrate the soil to help improve drainage, reduce compaction to allow air to the grass roots and prevent surface cracking in the Summer.

Our Quadraplay system is a tractor mounted frame which slits, rakes, brushes and rolls the surface in a single pass which saves time and money.


Recommended: October-March

The Verti-Drain machine punches evenly spaces holes into the ground to a depth of 12 inches.

Verti-Draining aerates the soil beneath the surface, improves drainage and encourages better grass root growth.


Recommended: April & September.

We use a dimple seeded that makes little holes in the surface, seed is then planted into the holes before being closed with a roller. This method ensures the best chance of seed germination and does not disrupt the playing surface. We can over-seed an entire playing surface or just bare patches.


Recommended: Spring & Autumn.

We use a 16 meter boom sprayer to apply a selective weed killer to keep surfaces looking their best. The boom sprayer can cover large areas quickly and accurately. The selective weed killer removes broad leaved weeds e.g. dandelions and creeping buttercup.
For smaller areas we can apply the weed killer using knapsack sprayers.

Fertiliser Programmes:

Spring, Summer & Autumn.

We use a 16 meter boom sprayer to apply seasonal liquid fertilisers. This helps keep the grass strong and healthy by providing the much needed nutrients to the soil. We use liquid fertilisers as it penetrates the soil immediately.
For smaller areas we can apply fertiliser using a knapsack sprayer.


Early Spring.

Our scarifiers remove unwanted surface material such as thatch, moss and dead grass. By removing this air, nutrients and water can more easily reach the soil.
We use a tractor mounted scarifier for larger areas and a pedestrian machine for smaller areas.

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